30 days of eating from home · challenge · no food shopping challenge

Day three. A cooking frenzy.

There’s nothing like putting your intentions out on the internet to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve been cooking up a storm, baking bread,cooking soup, and bottling beetroot.


Day two I cooked this lot up to be a tomato, broad bean and basil pasta. I also made pumpkin soup for the weekend. I like making a soup at the start of the weekend, so we can be flexible, and I know when we get hungry, we have food ready to go. When I don’t make soup, we can end up popping out to the bakery for lunch.

I didn’t use the pictured mustard (the brain kicked in just in time for me to swap to curry) but I roasted the pumpkin in the oven before making the soup. This led to a “The Castle” moment where Mr Gorgeous declared the soup fabulous, marvelled at my special way of making it!
Tea tonight was scattered sushi (chirashizushi), my favourite because there’s no rolling involved, and master 16 interrupted cooking to thank me for being such a great cook. Maybe I should be putting more effort into meals on a regular basis! Pumpkin soup for lunch again tomorrow, and then it’s about time for some meat I think.


One thought on “Day three. A cooking frenzy.

  1. Great to see you’re “up and running” again. Anything to do with the weather?!!
    I love reading all about your efforts. Must try something from your repertoire soon.

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