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Around again!

It’s on again. My “don’t buy food for a month” challenge. Once again, my freezer is full of food, and once again my cupboards are full of things that I always mean to get to, but never do. So, May will be a month of eating from home.

Tonight we had pumpkin risotto. Funnily enough, I’ve just looked at the menu for day one of the last challenge, and that’s exactly what we started with last time! I’ve added a pic of the bits and pieces from the freezer, pantry and garden. Unlike last time, I did have Arborio rice.

The supplies

The family have had a bit to say about the challenge this time. Without exception, they all declared breakfast to be sacred. They DO NOT WANT SUBSTITUTES. It’s OK, I hear you family.

I’ll post pics of the supplies over the next few days for a before and after comparison.
So what will the rules be this time?
1) We will eat healthy food. If all we have left is sugar, the challenge is over.
2) If the challenge turns me into a crazy snarling woman, it’s over.
3) Breakfast for the bunch will have to be bought. I’ll declare my spending in this department. I, however, will be creative with my own breakfast once my cereal runs out.
4) I will possibly still need to buy fruit for the Aunty Collector who is still on a restricted diet. We’ll see how we go. I’ll also need milk. I can substitute powdered milk in my baking, but as part of the ‘breakfast is sacred’ stance of the family, I know there will be demands for real (carton) milk.

So there you have it. Still crazy after all these years.



2 thoughts on “Around again!

  1. Having seen your garden and your pantry and your freezer and eaten your delicious recipes, I’m sure you’ll have fabulous creative meals that all will enjoy. Pumpkin risotto does sound very yummy!

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