Zero waste

I’m so proud of our waste!

Firstly, an update on the zero waste mailbox. Since I put up my home made “No Junk Mail” sign, we have received no junk mail. None! That was so easy! I don’t know why I didn’t do it years ago.

Here is the waste I made today that I’m so proud of.  

Our washing line has been broken for years. It’s been held together in the middle by a piece of cotton twine, and the strings and winder have been broken for ages too. 

For several years I have been looking at replacing the whole thing, but since I’ve been looking at zero waste, I decided to repair the middle, and just buy new string for the outside rungs. However when I had a look, there was a little piece of extra string in the middle, so Mr Gorgeous and I used it to patch the outside string. (Yes, the picture is upside down!)

 Mr G has done a super job of tying up the middle, so that it should last for years to come.   On the issue of the broken winder,our youngest, the Aunty Collector has grown so much over the last 12 months that we no longer need to wind it down for him to hang clothes. Job done! (And approved by job supervisor, Molly the Collie). We were very nearly waste free for the job, especially when you consider how much waste we would have created had we replaced the whole line.



2 thoughts on “I’m so proud of our waste!

  1. We also decided just before Christmas to put up the “no junk mail” notice. I figure we’ve saved hundreds of trees!! Well done for sorting out the wash line.

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