Great Grandma's recipes

The great jar unclutter

  As many of you know, I make a lot of my own foods like jam, chutney, bottled sauce etc. I keep jars and containers in case I need them. In an effort to simplify life, we are ridding our home of lots of excess, and just keeping what we need. 

Once I got all these jars on the bench, I was shocked to see just how I have hoarded them. I have kept all the vacola jars, and severely culled the others. I now have two boxes of jars under the bench and that will be plenty, especially as I have many full jars in the cupboard still.

Three bags of good jars with lids went to the friend of a friend who sells preserves, and a couple of jars with no lids went to the recycling.

I can’t believe what a hoarder I have been!


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