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This really should be in another blog, simply entitled “Donna is playing”!
I’ve been doing an online watercolour card making class, and having been squeezing in some card making time at night. It’s been so good to get my crafty self out from under mothballs, and play.
The class, with the exception of one or two cards, has been perfect for the artistically challenged like me, and I’ve been enjoying playing with paint and water reactive ink. I’ve even had someone offer to buy cards from me. Does anybody know how much I should charge???
As the class involved online videos, I’ve given our internet allowance a good workout, and I’m on rations for the next few days.
Here’s a little look at some of my play.








6 thoughts on “Getting crafty

  1. Hi Donna,

    I am really enjoying your Playing House notes and think you have done a great job with your latest craft exercise – the cards are very pretty. After reading through your challenges of basically living out of what’s in the pantry and freezer, I am going home to see how many meals I can produce out of what is already in my cupboards etc.

    We are on holiday up near Coffs Harbour at the moment and enjoying the break. Visited the Boambee Baptist Church on Sunday and then again on Tuesday to do an introduction and had the resources available which went well and we are coming back in a couple of months to run some seminars and, hopefully, to run a facilitator training so that they can get started on providing classes up here.

    Please say hi to all the family from both of us.


    Ian & Lynn

    Ian & Lynn Williams

    Roving Ambassadors

    Growing Families Australia


    Phone: 0411289335

    1. Great to hear from you. We have such fond memories of when you stayed with us. Great to hear what you’re doing up there too. You have such a gentle way of teaching that I’m sure people would love learning from you both. You will stay here again If you come past, won’t you?

  2. Your cards are beautiful. You have a great talent and an eye for detail. With regard to charging for you cards – DON’T under-value yourself or your talent. Perhaps have a look round to see if you can find something similar on the internet and see how much those are being sold for – but remind yourself to look at them with an eye to buying them yourself. Would you want to buy what you’re looking at? If so, how much would you want to pay for it. Then take a peep at how much they’re charging.

    Remember that you’re not finding a price for the materials alone. You’re also reaching a final figure which is also for your time, AND for your atistic ability – and your ability is wonderful. Truly.

    Please don’t under-value your cards, because if you do, so will everyone else and then they won’t actually see the true artistic value of a hand made, hand painted card by you.

    p.s. … don’t forget to sign your artwork! (I don’t see a signature on those fabulous paintings – sign them. That signature is valuable to you, and to your buyers too.)
    Very good luck with selling your art. Believe in yourself. ~ Cobwebs. x

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words. I popped over and had a look at your cards which are also gorgeous. Thanks also for your advice, I’m having a look and a think, and will work out a way to sign the cards that fits in with the design.

  3. Wishing you well with your card sales. I’m sure you would have a market. Look forward to hearing of your success Donna

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