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Day 20. The freezer door gets left open.

There’s not even anyone I can blame. I’m the culprit. I was grabbing a roast for our Mexican feast (more about that in a minute) and only almost shut the door. The result was that on Sunday we had a lots of just cold meat, and defrosted berries and (Mr Gorgeous’s main concern) melted ice cream in the freezer, and an enormous lake of blackberry juice on the shed floor. We noticed this just as our lovely Mexican guests arrived, so all I had time to do was throw three lamb legs in the oven to roast, and deal with half a dozen lamb shanks. Then after our friends left, the clean up continued.
I managed to salvage almost all the meat, though the dog has had a feast. I still have to deal with the berries. Luckily I have quite a bit of sugar, so I can make some jam, and probably some cordial. The ice cream we have stirred, in the hope of making it creamy again.
Luckily, this was not the main freezer. It’s our backup that only gets used when the other one is full, which it is at the moment, even after three weeks away from the shops.
Well, almost away from the shop. We’ve bought another 6L of milk, and some fresh fruit, for another $12.50, so I’ve now spent $25.50 in total.
What has become apparent is that at the end of the month, I will be nowhere near the end of the supplies, so I may do a single shop for flour, eggs and sugar and other basics, and then go around again next month. Especially if the chooks would hurry up and start laying.
The other thing I have done this month is swap roasted tomatoes for eggs. I have a sweet friend who thought of the idea. When the eggs came, they were almost gift wrapped, they were so pretty.

And now, let me tell you a story that stretches over two years and three sets of tomatillos.


The Rokeby market, near us, has a produce swap, run by the Baw Baw Sustainability Network. A few years ago, at the swap, someone pressed some tomatillos on me, although I had nothing to swap myself.
I made some salsa with them, as instructed, and enjoyed it. This year I decided to grow some tomatillos, and they were prolific, but I couldn’t remember how I made the salsa, and didn’t like the ones I made from internet recipes.
Then, at a rehearsal for a multicultural show we were involved with, I met a lovely Mexican lady and asked her about recipes. The upshot of this was a shared meal at our house, where she brought her family, and we got an education in Mexico, Mexican food, and how to cook traditional tortillas. It was an absolute feast, as you can see!


All this from three free tomatillos.


2 thoughts on “Day 20. The freezer door gets left open.

  1. Oh! Don’t you hate making such a mess!
    I hope the dog doesn’t remind returning to the humdrum life of pet food!
    Love your stories and thanks for sharing them. Looking forward to another instalment.

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