30 days of eating from home · no food shopping challenge

Day Fifteen (I’ve shopped)

We ran out of milk and cereal, so in keeping with my promise to the family I have purchased milk and said favourite cereal. $13 spent, and I’m wondering how my kids got the taste for such expensive cereal. (Actually that happened almost a week ago, but I’ve been putting off telling you all) Other than that, the no shop challenge hasn’t really started to bite yet. The fridge is starting to look emptier, but the freezer is still groaning, and the pantry is still full. We had friends over for tea and had roast lamb, and ate stewed plums and custard (the custard was brought by said lovely friends). I’m all but out of shop bread so I’ve started making bread again. I have a bread maker, and I also make sourdough, and have plenty of flour.
Sunday was Mothers’ day, and my lovely family took care of all the food. They did shop (this no shopping lark is my idea after all). I asked them not to buy too much, so that the leftovers don’t constitute a cheat. Although there was talk of them accidentally buying 17 packets of their favourite foods, They proved to be honourable. (Not too honourable, I’m happy to say, we had a real feast.)
To the list of casualties, I can add brown sugar, which ran out during the making of a double batch of choc chip bikkies.
Most meals look something like this, with a mix of garden, freezer, fridge and pantry goods. I’m trying to be organised about the fridge and garden so nothing is wasted.

Things should start to get interesting in the next week or so. I’ll keep you posted.


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