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In which we make……cheese!

Well, things have been a bit quiet on this blog, as most of my adventures have been of a gardening nature, and I’ve been blogging those at
BUT, Mr Gorgeous and I have been on a big adventure to celebrate our (early) 25th wedding anniversary. ( Time flies when you’re having fun)
As a big surprise to me, Mr G organised a weekend of cheesemaking in Canberra, and a four night getaway. Perfect!
We made SO MUCH CHEESE! It was like going to a big family reunion; so many fabulous people, but when you get the photos back, you find yourself looking at pics of distant relatives, and asking “Who was that again?” That was us, looking at all our cheeses when we got back, trying to separate the Persian feta from the whey ricotta, and remembering what to do with our cheddar and Brie.

Persian Feta
Persian Feta

Our teacher Graham came from a food safety background, so needless to say we made VERY safe cheese, but after 2 days of this, it felt wrong to eat anything without dipping our hands in iodine solution first!
We had up to four cheeses on the go at once, so those we made on the first day are a little blurry in my memory, but we got notes, and I took video of the instructions, so they are making more sense now.
Here’s what we made in just 2 days: chabichou (Persian feta), milk ricotta, whey ricotta, Greek feta, stirred cheddar, Brie, mozzarella, quark. I think that’s all, but I could have missed a great aunt.
Quark, hanging out to dry
Quark, hanging out to dry

So, today, I’m going to try the Persian feta again, as it was soooo good.
We’ve needed a bit of specialist material, and possibly may yet need a fish tank heater. Yes, you read that correctly. To make Persian feta, I need to keep the milk at 25 degrees overnight. As we speak, there is a test batch of water in an esky, beside, not in front of the fire, with a warm, not hot water bottle, wrapped in two quilts. Depending on the success of that system, we’ll decide about the tropical fish equipment.
So, thank you Mr G. I hope to repay you in cheese!


4 thoughts on “In which we make……cheese!

  1. Wow Donna – what a great getaway! Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Never heard of quark cheese though. Hope your domestic cheese making efforts are successful.
    Hugs – Shari

  2. That cheese sounds simply delicious. Well done. (I have heard of quark but now I know what it is – thank you). Keep up the good work.

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