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Our weird and wonderful tomatoes


The garden’s been keeping me out of great grandma’s cookbook of late, but we’re really enjoying the bounty this year. Our fruit trees are finally giving us enough fruit to put aside for later, and the timing of it seems to be working with one tree finishing as the next one starts. I’ve been busy dealing with basketloads of fruit, bottling, stewing and drying. The last of the D’Agen plums are almost prunes in the dehydrator, but the tomatoes are just getting serious, so my cutting boards are about to go from purple to red!
This tomato was enormous, and made a salad all by itself, although I still prefer the taste of the tigerella tomatoes.
The zucchinis are, as usual, producing ridiculous amounts of fruit, which I’m grating and freezing, and I had to shout a very firm ‘NO!!!!’ to the neighbours who sent their cutest child to try and foist more zucchinis on us.


One thought on “Our weird and wonderful tomatoes

  1. Hi Donna,
    What a marvellous tomato! Your garden is living up to expectations by the sound of it. As always, I just love reading your posts so do keep them coming. Ian & I are just picturing the garden as it was last year and then trying to see all the fruit trees doing so well this year. Give the family our love.

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