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In which a cold wind is our undoing (we shop)

I am now officially back to the shops. I ran out of all cereals, and needed to spend more than the $2.50 I had remaining in the challenge to stock up. It’s one thing for the boys to change breakfast, but husband Mr Gorgeous is a man of habits, and cereal for breakfast is one of them. We actually shopped a week ago, but I’ve been too busy to write about it. So in the end we went 24 days on $17.50. Our real undoing though was the bitterly cold wind after church, which brought our thoughts back around to our customary lunch of chicken and (hot) chips, which we succumbed to.

Our last supper though was provided by my lovely  piano teacher who at the grand age of 90 still finds it in her day and her heart to make us a yummy casserole. What a blessing!


3 thoughts on “In which a cold wind is our undoing (we shop)

  1. You may have had to give in Donna but I think you’ve done an amazing job to keep it up this far. I’m sure there’ll be another go some time and I look forward to reading all about it.

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