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The troops rally

We’re out of milk again. And pears.

Then I noticed the real deal breaker. None of the boys’ favourite breakfast cereals. That’s more than money I have left for the challenge. ($7.80 after another milk purchase). The boys however had a different plan as I was declaring the challenge over. They would suffer through cooked breakfasts instead! So they can now have eggs and toast for breakfast for a few days and have their milk in a glass. It’s tough for them, but they’re bearing up rather gleefully.

So I shopped today and spent $5.20 on milk and pears, and we may try poached eggs tomorrow for breakfast to make a change from soft boiled and scrambled eggs.

$2.50 to go…



2 thoughts on “The troops rally

    1. Thank you. We’re on the home stretch of this $20. but I’m really tempted to buy breakfast cereal and start again. We have a few different guests staying in October, so perhaps I should wait until after they leave, and do more of Grandma’s baking while they’re here instead!

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