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Milk for the deprived children

We ran out of milk last Sunday. I sent Mr Gorgeous to the shop, not wanting to get caught there myself. (A strategy fraught with danger, given Mr G’s tendency toward all things junk food.)  He came home with exactly what was on the list, except for one strange anomaly. Instead of  four litres of milk, he came home with five.

It turns out that the reason was Missy Moo, who had a hankering for milkshakes, and who had decided that she would like to buy her own litre of milk!  I don’ t know how things work in other families, but in ours, I definitely provide my children with milk, so I would be horrified at the thought of her buying her own. So five litres it was, and milkshakes are freely available.  The cost of the milk, and soy milk was $10:25, so  we’ve spent a little over half the money that I allowed for the challenge I’m doing. ($20). I’m digging further into the  freezer than before, and HAVE USED UP ALL THE KAKAI PUMPKIN!!! Have a look back at previous posts if you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. The next challenge is that the rest of the lamb in the freezer is entombed in a thick layer of ice. Can’t go over it, can’t get under it, I’ll have to go through it, with a fair bit of hot water I expect.

Our chickens, in a burst of sympathy for us are presenting us with about 6 or 7 eggs a day, so eggs are on the menu A LOT. Asparagus soufflé, egg curry, quiche, egg and bacon pie, and scrambled eggs are all appearing at regular intervals.  The garden is producing enough greens to keep us fed too. We have asparagus, lettuce, kale, muzuna, silverbeet, and a few daikon radish. The peas are about a week or two away, and we still have everything else we need, so I’ll keep going. This week, I’d like to rid the freezer of all the mystery items in small containers.


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