no food shopping challenge

Now the real challenge starts

I haven’t posted as yet about my not shopping adventures as I’ve felt like a bit of a fraud so far. After all, I did a weekly shop just before I started, so although I haven’t shopped, neither have I needed to. Now on Day 7, with a few things running low, the real fun starts. Tonight we’ll be having a family favourite, “Rice-and-bits”, which will include hard-boiled eggs, lime garlic lentils and pickled cabbage and plums, as well as white miso soup (and obviously rice).  As to the rest, I’ll have a rummage around the fridge when I finish work today. I’ve been doing a bit of casual relief teaching, which is a great job for a busy mum, but when combined with 3 hours of piano teaching after school, it makes for long days. I got up early today to get tea sorted out, so we should eat at a reasonable hour.

Already though, I’ve been more creative with the leftovers. Lunch for me today was a leftover roasted potato with roasted tomatoes and sour cream. The kids have had kakai pumpkin quiche in their lunchboxes, and I’ve already changed my thinking again to deal with what needs eating in the fridge. (sour cream is at the forefront at the moment). I’ve half cooked mulligatawny, our favourite chicken curry soup. I’ll add the recipe next time, as it’s a favourite with everyone. As a word of warning, it freezes really well, so I always make it in industrial quantities.


2 thoughts on “Now the real challenge starts

  1. Love the ‘industrial quantities’ comment!! Sounds good to me. There’s nothing nicer than finding something good in the freezer when you don’t feel like cooking.

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