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A Sucker for Punishment

I’ve decided it’s time to go around again. “Go around what?”, you may ask.

It’s time to do the  ‘no-shopping-for-food’ challenge again. It’s been 5 months since I did it last time, and I’m right back to my old bad habits. I throw out leftovers from the fridge because I’ve forgotten they’re there, and buy new food.  As well as that, it’s nearly Spring, and my thoughts have turned to my Summer garden. There’s still a lot of last year’s bounty in the freezer and cupboards though, and I want to use that up before I restock.

Our food supplies look a little different to last time. We have almost no lamb in the freezer, and none on the horizon (she says, looking towards the horizon, where I see our hopefully pregnant ewes grazing). The chickens, however, are giving us about 4 eggs a day, so that will make up a few meals. I have chicken, mince and fish, and who knows what else frozen, so  we should eat well. The cupboards are still sporting a few gaps from last time, from things that I haven’t replaced. The arborio rice (which ran out on day one last time, from memory)  is still not back, and there are other missing items that , given that I have done without them for 5 months I probably won’t even miss. I have made sure that I start the challenge with milk, butter and pears in the house, as that’s what I needed to buy last time. Wish I’d remembered the soy milk, but we actually have a few litres here, so that shouldn’t be a problem. Here’s what I spent in March.

Now, if I did things the same as last time, it wouldn’t be ‘Playing House’, so I’ve decided to mix it up a little bit.

I’m not going to set myself a time limit, but I’ll just go for as long as I can. I’m going to allow myself $20, and when that’s all gone, the challenge is over. I’ll report to you all as I spend it.

So, I’m officially back to looking furtive at the shops again. Wait a week, then look out for me skulking down an aisle near you. (probably the Soy milk aisle, clutching a $20 note as though my life depends on it)


4 thoughts on “A Sucker for Punishment

    1. Well… First I have to use some more of the fabric that your lovely wife brought me. Actually, Darcy’s is the only quilt I’ve started in the last couple of years. I’m almost finished another one that I began in Perth though.

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