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Evil MasterNine and the Oatmeal Biscuits

I cooked these today with master 9, the Aunty Collector (He is putting in a concerted bid to be called Evil MasterNine in this blog!). It made just more than 2 trays’ worth.  The A.C., who, like his mother, prefers all baked goods before they hit the oven, came up with a great energy saving idea. He would eat the 3 leftover biscuits raw. In the end he had a bit of competition from Missy Moo who it appears has also inherited my genes. The Hungry One (aged 14) may well like them too, but I’ll have to do my baking after 11am to test that one. He’s still nowhere to be seen yet this morning!

These bikkies will be perfect for the A.C. ( Face it, child, you’re too cute to be Evil MasterNine) who can’t tolerate salicylates. These naturally occurring chemicals pop up in everything from tomatoes to citrus to broccoli. Since they are also in coconut, regular Anzac Bikkies aren’t the best for him, but these are good. If I were to make the recipe again (and I will), I wouldn’t bother with the rolling and cutting business. Too messy, too time consuming, and the oatmeal doesn’t cut that well. But, in a nod to Great Grandma Ethel, I have followed the recipe exactly this time. With one exception. Whilst I was up for lard in the Good Ginger Snaps, dripping is beyond me. Anyway, GG Ethel says “butter or dripping” so technically I’m still following the recipe.

So, here it is.

1¹⁄3 cups Self Raising Flour, sifted

½ cup sugar

1 cup rolled oats

125g butter, melted

2 tsp milk

1 egg

Preheat oven to 180°c (350°F). Mix everything together, and knead gently into a ball. Roll out to 5mm thick. Cut into biscuits. Bake for 15 minutes. Cool on a wire rack.

These biscuits are crispy on top, and chewy underneath.

They’re good.


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