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A new look, a new challenge!


I have a treasure here, that I’ve had for a few months, but has been around for a lot longer than that. It’s my great grandmother’s handwritten recipe book. I’d love to cook my way through it and discover some of our family’s heritage. My Great Grandma Ethel lived in Kulin in Western Australia. This recipe book must be from their second house, as their first house burnt down, destroying everything in it.  That would place the starting date of the recipe book sometime after 1927, but before about 1935 when the family moved to Albany. There are some loose items in the book, including a recipe with a date – 1961

This challenge will present  few difficulties. Already on page one I see an ingredient – Lard- that I’ve had to google, and don’t know where to source. I’ll need to decide what substitutions to make and how hard to chase for ingredients in our little town, which is not a culinary metropolis as far as sourcing ingredients goes. (although I have the pleasure of knowing some FABULOUS cooks here!)

The first challenge though, is to read the beautiful, but older style script. Some of the pages (not unlike my own recipe books) are a bit worse for wear, with splotches of cake mix. The whole book is yellowed with age and use.

So, off to do the (large) grocery shop (courtesy of the last challenge), and get started! I’ll just be meandering through the book as I get time though. No 30 day cook ’til I drop effort here!


4 thoughts on “A new look, a new challenge!

  1. Well done en family! What a great effort, I am very impressed you all lasted through it.
    Can’t wait to read about this next challenge. Have you set any rules, like to cook everything in the book or leave out the ‘they won’t eat that’ things? Well done all, great fun following along, I enjoyed reading about your adventures.

    1. I’m going to try to cook everything. There’s not much my family won’t eat. I’m blessed with great eaters. I haven’t even looked at all the recipes though, so we’ll see!

  2. Sounds amazing. That beautiful handwriting. I can still do that if I concentrate. This sounds like a yummy biscuit/cookie – and certainly our favourite – although we are buying the Arnotts kind. Throw in the baking temp and time and I might give it a whirl. Although the best option would be to come and eat yours.^_^ Did you see the movie Julie/Julia?

    1. Hello my friend. I thought I’d give it a good go and then write out my own version of the recipe with all the instructions. I did see Julie/ Julia. I also read the book, which was nowhere near as gentle. That girl has a mouth on her! I was going to do the first recipe today but I got a day’s relief teaching. Perhaps I’ll have something to report tomorrow!

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