30 days of eating from home

The last supper

I made it! The rest of the family are all in bed and I’m too tired to put up too many photos tonight, but we have done it. The spend was about $1.50 a day, all on dairy and pears, and we have eaten well.

My piano students have a little concert here, so I’ve made muffins, and will pop corn tomorrow to go with the raspberry and lemon cordial, and the cups of tea for the adults. It’s a great recipe with brown sugar which leaves the muffins moist in the middle and a little bit crunchy on top. Yum.

The last supper consisted of pasta, lamb meatballs, tomato sauce, beetroot and lettuce. We were too full to eat dessert, although I had some in the fridge.

We had family fun night tonight. A friend came around and we had a newspaper fun night, including working in teams to cut and paste a love song. Who will forget such lines as “we can escape to Mesopotamia”, “you r a royal dream”  and “You’re huge and feral, Beryl” (Apologies to anyone named Beryl out there, it rhymed so well!)

So the fridge is empty, but our bellies are full.

I’ve learnt to improvise, something that I thought I already did, we tried quite a few new foods, many of which we’ll try again, and best of all, the family gave me the red plate tonight – only given if you do something special.

So what will we do tomorrow? Have chicken and chips for lunch, certainly. Buy fresh fruit. GET MILK AND CEREAL. Take photos of the empty, and cleaned fridge, and the half empty freezer, and take stock in the pantry. I won’t rush out to replace everything, and will try to keep digging in the freezer until I hit the bottom.

Then, after I’ve played piano in church, and had our concert here, I’m going to get out my next challenge. It’s very different, but it still involves cooking. Blogging, although very new to me has helped me keep on track this time around, and so I think I’ll keep writing too. Perhaps not so often, as this next challenge won’t have a deadline.

So, off to bed for me. I’m feeling a wee bit proud of myself, and I hope you enjoyed sharing these 30 days with us.


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