30 days of eating from home

The penultimate day…

I have a gorgeous friend who I garden with. We spend occasional days in each others’ gardens. We pull weeds, prune, chat, have our informal book club, and spend the last half hour congratulating ourselves on a job well done and exclaiming over what a good idea this is. At the end of our first session, a few years ago now, she exclaimed, “This is just like having a sister.” And it is. Both of our families live far away and it’s just so lovely to spend time together. Today she came over to move the strawberries to a new patch with me. What I forgot until the last minute was that I was providing lunch. We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel now, and all the bread left in the house is counted out (yes, literally) for tomorrow’s lunch.  So after a quick think (panic) in the pantry, here’s what I came up with…

I had some leftover mashed potato in the fridge – bottom layer. On top, a tin of chick peas and a tin of tomatoes with some fried onion, bacon and garlic, and some beetroot leaves and  thyme from the garden and a few chilli flakes. YUM. I may even do it again on purpose. We enjoyed our lunch and my friend headed off to the library to do an afternoon shift.

Tea tonight was a last rundown of ingredients in the category Asian. Somen noodles to be dipped in a dashi and soy sauce, Japanese style pumpkin with soy, a few fish fillets cut small so everybody got a piece, and a small stirfry of leek, onion, bacon and a smidge of leftover roast lamb.

If this challenge went for even one more day, I’d need to shop. We are down to the last noodles, slices of bread, cup of flour, spoons of sugar, and half cup of milk.

Tomorrow I think I’ll do a cooked breakfast of sorts, and tea will be a rundown of the ingredients in the category Mediterranean.

Then to take stock and take photos ready for the next challenge…


2 thoughts on “The penultimate day…

  1. I like pressing “Like” just to see Shaun the Sheep pop up. The kid in me I guess. It’s been a lot of fun to follow you on your amazing adventure. I look forward to seeing what you do next. Hugs.

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