30 days of eating from home

Naughty cake and an early morning crisis

It’s not everyone who is given a cake with the words “Is this cheating?” One of my lovely piano students brought an apple cake when she came for her lesson yesterday morning! She’s been reading the blog and felt sorry for us I think . Thank you so much!

We had a loaf of bread come out badly on the holiday Monday. It just sank in at the top. The family, sensing that their bread days were  numbered, decided that they should eat it anyway, immediately (waste not, want not), and what should have happened at that point was me making another loaf for lunches the next day. Unfortunately, I’d already ticked ‘make bread’ off my somewhat tenuous mental to-do list, so it didn’t happen. Tuesday morning found me gazing into my freezer in a bit of a pickle. It’s not as though this was the first time I’d had no loaf made, but plans B – Find another loaf of bread hidden somewhere in the freezer, C – Find some cheese and bacon rolls, pita bread, or some other vaguely bread product, D – quickly put on some rice to make a Japanese obento lunch (the kids’ personal favourite plan), E –  a whole salad with cheese in their lunchbox and F – send Mr Gorgeous on a mercy dash to the shops were all out of the question. So I turned around and gazed at the pantry shelf a while and eventually came up with the perhaps dubious plan of pikelets for lunch. I learnt a couple of things. Firstly, I shouldn’t make pikelets in the morning – there is too much piano helping, sock finding, shoe finding and school shirt finding to be done to keep a close enough eye on them. Still I ended up with 9 mostly not burnt pikelets and 3 (that were going to be my lunch) going straight to the chooks. Secondly, other than the problem mentioned above, they weren’t such a bad idea. The kids all came home at the end of the day thanking me for the yummy pikelets, and the smoke didn’t take too long to clear.

Missy Moo has been out begging and came home with the following booty – a zip lock bag containing 5 weetbix. Ever resourceful, she’s found a way to take care of herself. Apparently beggars can be choosers. The shame of having beggars for children will last longer than the weetbix, I suspect.

Last night we had quiche (with Kakai pumpkin, obviously) thanks to the chickens who have still been giving us one or two eggs a day. Thanks chickens, I know it’s cold out there.

I used the last of the bread flour yesterday making another loaf of mixed heritage. I quite like the white /wholegrain mix and will probably continue with it. I can probably even slowly sneak the ratios up as I go (cover your eyes kids!) After six slices for lunches tomorrow, we’ll have enough left for toasted cheese sandwiches on Saturday, our last day. The cheese will pretty much exactly last until then too.

Tonight, we’ll have chops with mashed potato and coleslaw and Japanese style pumpkin, and yesterday’s discovery – massaged kale salad. I’ve been looking back over my comments to see who the lovely lady was who recommended this to me and I can’t find it, so if you’re reading this, thank you and please help me find you again!

I’ll post a pic of what’s left in cupboard, pantry and freezer in the next day or so, so you can see what’s left, and in the case of the empty containers, what’s all gone!


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