30 days of eating from home

Day twenty five – the downhill run!

In answer to the question of how long we can eat from what we have around the house, the easy answer is 3 weeks. So far in this challenge, I’ve just looked in the fridge (week one), freezer and pantry (weeks 2 and 3) and pretty much made whatever meals I’ve fancied. This week, however, will be a different story. I think my delight in finding the sugar bowl with a cup and a half of sugar pretty much sums things up for this week. WOOHOO!!! SUGAR!!! Everybody!!! I found sugar!!!

The ingredients for this weeks meals include 8 eggs (f I can just stop baking for a minute) 6 fish fillets (frozen, uncrumbed) lamb in many guises, and frozen vegetables. I have found 3 leeks in the garden and still have a large onion, as well as lots of carrot and pumpkin.  I’m out or teaching after school until about 6pm every day except Friday, so that will add a bit of a challenge. Saturday is the last night, so we’re still in discussion about that.

The adzuki beans are all cooked. I have made sekihan as remembered by my sister and me. Sis, use less beans!! Or 3 times the rice, or something! They were good, but not the same as the ones I remember, so I might have to try it again with the proper rice, not what I cobbled together from what I had.

I also made youkan, a favourite Japanese sweet of mine. I know why it’s so expensive now. What a fuss. Soak the beans overnight, the boil them for an hour.

Then push them through a sieve (I admit to a bit of potato ricer envy at this point of the recipe). Then wipe the mushy beans from all the workspaces they’ve spread to.

Add sugar, and like magic the whole mix went runny again. Then cook stirring over medium heat for about half an hour to get rid of some moisture so it looks exactly like it did 2 steps ago. Then add (and here’s where the substitutions kick in) 2 cups of water with 3 teaspoons of gelatine powder (because honestly who has agar agar sticks floating around the house?) Because of that gelatine substitution I got to miss the next step of stirring it on a stove for another 20 minutes.

The end result? It tastes really authentic, but feels creepily like jelly, not youkan. Still, the big kids are enjoying, as am I.


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