30 days of eating from home

Day twenty two

I was chatting to one of my lovely sisters today about, amongst other things, blogging and adzuki beans. I was saying that the perfect blog story for me is one in which I’m a bit of a (hopefully lovable) idiot.

Which leads me to our second topic – adzuki beans. I had a hot tip from my mum that this particular sister would be a good source of recipes for the beans. So we chatted and sure enough, she had a great recipe for a food I had forgotten even existed- ‘sekihan’ (red bean rice). The funny thing was that it was a recipe that I had sent her, typed out by hand, about eight years ago. I can’t even remember sending it, but I do remember loving the bean studded rice, which we used to buy in plastic sachets to heat up either in hot water or the microwave. So, the adzuki beans will be used for a trip down memory lane. With a bit of luck, beans are good for the memory and I’ll remember that I had them this time!


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