30 days of eating from home

Day twenty one – not shoplifting!

I’m surprised I haven’t been picked up as a shoplifter.  Not that I’m stealing anything, but since I’ve started on this challenge, all my trips to buy milk seem furtive. I’m in and out as quickly as I can, feeling and no doubt looking very guilty. Instead of strolling and chatting, I’m all shifty eyes and skulking.  So far I haven’t been caught out, but I just feel so NAUGHTY!

I have been very honest on the blog though, and everything I’ve bought has been laid bare for you all to see. I’m getting to the pointy end of the staples now. I’m down to just a little plain flour, rice, pasta, sugar, eggs and quite a few other things. I still have either alternatives, or pre-made things to tide me over for now though, so I’m not rushing(or should that be slinking) off to the shops just yet. I have slice, date loaf and 2 sorts of muffins made up, so the sugar for example may not even be needed. I have brown sugar, and a great brown sugar and rhubarb muffin recipe if that lot runs out. I still have white bread mix, so I could add a little brown sugar and make sweet buns.

The fruit is lasting well and I just found a stash of prunes from last year’s crop, so with ten days to go, I think we’re going to make it. Tea tonight is slow cooked lamb shanks, with a few late eggplants I found hanging on the bushes yesterday, and onion (1 and a half big onions left) carrot (still plenty) and semi dried tomatoes. I’ll cook some spinach to go with it, with garlic. We have some wholemeal bread that I made yesterday to mop up the juices. I made more crackers this morning, so when the boys are hungry immediately after tea, there’s crackers and yoghurt cheese for them. I tried to make yoghurt from the last of Mr Gorgeous’s dwindling supply, and it was OK, but really nothing to write home about( or even blog about it seems). He gallantly put up with it, but I decided to put him out of his misery and make something I know we all enjoy.  I season the cheese with a little salt, lemon (or in this case lime) juice and fresh herbs. It’s really good. I took some photos along the way. They look really small, but when I clicked on them I got a big gallery, so hopefully that works for you too.


4 thoughts on “Day twenty one – not shoplifting!

  1. still following your no-spend foodie journey…. you make your own cheese..booking you for a lesson when we come sometime (though with HSC, that is not in the near future – Stephen and Tash might do the Moto GP at Philip Is). My challenge is to re-sort and tidy – fridge, pantry, cupboards – but easier if you run it down first…problem is I keep filling – it certainly won’t be worthy of a blog. I love the cook from what you have challenge – a thankfulness that we always have what we need or can substitute inspires me to thank The heavenly provider – Amen

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