30 days of eating from home

Adzuki beans and a menu…Day twenty

Each week, I put a menu up on the fridge. I bought a bit of  magnetic board from a signwriter’s and it holds all our lists, including the menu. It saves me from daily questioning by the Aunty Collector who finishes one meal already hungry for the next. It also keeps me on track on those nights when I feel too tired to cook, but am actually only too tired to think about what to cook. Many a takeaway spend has been averted by this board! I don’t earn any money to speak of for this household, so I always think that my contribution is to use it wisely and save money where I can by good use of my time. ( Another reason for a veggie patch)  I write the menu with my diary and the weather forecast in front of me, and then stick to it only loosely, as the weeks always throw up surprises!

Dinner last night was by candlelight. The kids immediately launched into another game of I spy, so it must have been  a hit the day before. ( Shadow, wick, cobweb, reflection etc were what we could see last night!) The kakai pumpkin was used again in fritters last night, so although I’m barely making a dent in it, I have a plan now. The kids have a blast from my past in their sandwiches – sausage and tomato sauce – today.

Now to the adzuki beans. I bought these on a whim. They are used in Japanese cooking, and I like eating them,  but have been in the house for a long time now, because I don’t actually know how to cook with them, only how to eat them. My challenge during the last 11 days of the challenge is to find a way to use these. I have about 2 or 3 cups of them, and they need to be used!


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