30 days of eating from home

Candlelight dinners and family fun…

We have for a long time had a happy connection with sausages and mash. Whenever we eat this dish, it’s by candlelight. It’s one of the ways our family plays. We try to create special times. Lately, in the rush of teenage children and a very diligent husband ( ie  long work hours) and a frazzled me, some of these have gone by the board, but I need to make sure they happen. We played a family game of  “I spy” on the Aunty Collector’s new quilt last night –  it doesn’t need to be big, time-consuming or expensive to make for good family memories .(although the price of quilting supplies these days…)  I need to remember this fact, and keep on making sure we don’t get too busy to enjoy each other. Those girls who watched me carefully remove every safety pin will be amused to hear that one round of the game included my Missy Moo spying something beginning with ‘S’.

So tonight it’s sausages by candlelight. And perhaps round two of I spy.

By the way, I spy with my little eye, something beginning with L. (Look right)


2 thoughts on “Candlelight dinners and family fun…

  1. OHHH Yes! I think you’ll recognise more than half of the fabrics from your trip to the US Thanks! I finally got to use them. Better finished than perfect I always say. (apparently)

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