30 days of eating from home

Day eighteen

What a lovely weekend away with the girls I’ve had. I all but finished a quilt for the Aunty Collector’s bed, and had a enjoyed spending time with the girls and my daughter. The men had a good time too, although busy it seems. Mr Gorgeous sounded wrecked and went off to bed early. As predicted, there was food money spent, and, as expected it was on junk food. So far they have ‘fessed up to lemonade, pies, and bikkies –  time will tell if there’s anything else! An indignant husband is currently telling me that the chocolate was on special (and therefore somehow exempt?), so I’ll add that to the list. Busted! Still, after having calamari for dinner out with the girls, I can hardly talk! Time to get back on the wagon….

I’ve taken some pics of the freezer. Somehow I don’t think we’ll starve! You can hardly see where we’ve been. I’ll still have to rearrange the shelf each time I want to get something out. This morning I’ll write up a menu for the week. It will not include chickpea dip, which I have not been able to make palatable to anybody really. Maximums of 14 degrees celcius or so and rain this week, so I think soup is in order.


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