30 days of eating from home

Day fifteen

Well, here we are at the half way mark. This week has thrown us a couple of curve balls. Our supply of eggs has dried up somewhat with the meeting of one of our chickens and a fox. It turns out that she was the one laying most of the eggs! However, that has made me dig deeper and I have discovered a (very old) jar of egg replacement powder, so that will do fine for baking; we’ll save the real eggs for eating.  The aunty collector has redeveloped his lactose intolerance, so soy milk is going to be on the menu. While we still have fruit in the house, it isn’t  stuff that the Aunty collector can eat, so I have bought a few kilos of pears. Another $6.25 to add to the tally on the widget! The total there still adds to less than what a small top up shop would have set me back in a normal week.

I may as well tell you in advance that I am going to break the challenge big time on Saturday night. I’m going on a Girl’s Weekend, and while I am providing food from the house as my contribution, we are going out for tea on Saturday night. I’m not going to sit in the house by myself eating pumpkin soup for any challenge, so I will be eating out.


I’ve spent the last few days cooking supplies for the men, and scrounging the cupboards for the junk food that I know is essential for a boys’ weekend at home. I think it will be a movie marathon weekend for them.

Once I get back I’m going to take photos of the fridge/ freezer etc. One is emptying out, but the other  would stand up to several 30 day challenges back to back I suspect. I however am only up to one!

Yesterday a lot of baking was done. I’ve got raspberry muffins and plain biscuits ready for the boys and hopefully a few left for school lunches next week. I made pumpkin soup too, which they all like. I think they’ll survive, but I’m not holding my breath for a spend free weekend from them. We’ll see…



4 thoughts on “Day fifteen

      1. They are a little denser than usual but it’s an adequate substitute. Sometimes I don’t have any puréed apple in the pantry and I find that any sweet variety of rafferty’s garden baby food sachets work just as well! Hehe

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