30 days of eating from home

Kakai pumpkin

I love seed catalogues! That’s how I came to have Tuscan Kale in the garden in the first place. Every year the catalogues are to blame for some strange garden anomaly –  something I have fallen in love with despite never having tasted it and not having any idea how to cook it. Someone raves about a vegetable, throws in a picture, and I’m hooked.

So this year there is Kale. But there’s another secret ingredient in my freezer that I have to put a dent in if I’m going to call this 30 day challenge a success, and that’s Kakai pumpkin. This is a pumpkin that produces hull-less seeds so that I can make pepitas. The pepitas were wonderful, but it’s the by-products that have me beat. Kakai flesh is not rich and pumpkinny like regular pumpkin. It’s not offensive, but it wouldn’t make a hearty pumpkin soup for example. So for my 3 jars of delicious pepitas, I had a MOUNTAIN of flesh, which, being me, I can’t bear to throw away. I gave some to the chooks, gave some away, used some like I would zucchini in a quiche (That worked well) and grated and froze some. By some, I mean a lot. So this week I’m going to try to make some sort of fritter. The chooks are blessing us with about  2 eggs a day, so now all I have to do is produce something everybody likes, and we can work our way through it.

The picture here shows about the proportion of flesh to seeds I got. One jar of seeds yields this much pumpkin.

Wish me luck!!!


5 thoughts on “Kakai pumpkin

    1. Thanks Shari. I’m loving writing the blog actually. I’ll try adding some of the kakai next time I mash potato. I think I’ve grated it too fine to make a mash on its own, it will get too watery when I cook it. Have a great day!

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