30 days of eating from home

Day 10

Please excuse the food styling. I can see I’ll have to work on presentation .Last night we had Sumac lamb tart. I had no fresh tomatoes, so I put some semi dried tomatoes in the pan to warm them, and then the whole lot was drizzled with yoghurt and lemon dressing.  The food was good, and nobody said a word about suffering through the 30 days – their mouths were full!

We’re officially a third of the way through the challenge. Some of my pantry containers are starting to look empty, and the fridge is cleaning out, but the freezer is still good. I’ve made apple cake for school lunches, and slow cooked some chick peas- destination still to be decided. I think I’ll try some dips to go with the bounteous supply of crackers.

The children were asked by their grandfather (Papa Bear) how they were faring. We gave them the multi choice options of:

  • fun
  • haven’t noticed
  • traumatic

and each child, in order of age gave those anwers in order. Missy Moo, who cooks some and so appreciates the challenge thought it was fun, the Hungry One hadn’t noticed much at all, except that I say the word blog a lot, and kick him off the computer, and the Aunty Collector placed the experience below haven’t noticed, but well above traumatic he assured me. His beef is with wholemeal bread which kicked in as the white bread mix ran lower. I realise now that I should have been making him suffer more earlier, and not letting him develop a taste for white bread.

Tonight we had fried rice. Nice and easy for a Sunday night.


2 thoughts on “Day 10

  1. Cool blogging my friend – i’m inspired – currently trying to run down freezer and pantry, but with no rules… Natasha has started vege garden, but no harvest yet!!! I’ll keep reading, Jonelle

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