30 days of eating from home

Milk or oats?

Here’s the problem. We are almost out of rolled oats for breakfast. However we still have lots of cereal. However cereal uses more milk. However we put sugar on our porridge and we may run out of that too.

So now I  have to stop and decide. How will I define this challenge? Is it using up more pantry items? (change to cereal) Spending the least amount of money? (Buy oats) Buying the smallest number of items? ( change to cereal)

Or should we just eat toast? (we’ll run out of bread flour anyway)


6 thoughts on “Milk or oats?

  1. Put fresh or tinned fruit, or honey on your porridge instead of sugar – better for you and won’t use your sugar.

    1. Yes Mum, I am looking after your grandchildren! We are still eating cheese yoghurt and milk, and milk is one of the foods I’ll buy as we run out. Good point you make.

  2. Or if you have rice you have a few other breakfast options:

    1) rice porridge (I.e. Congee) no milk or sugar required. But usually have pickled veggies to accompany for more taste. Or use chicken stock for flavor. Pretty popular in china & Japan
    2) make last night leftovers into fried rice for breakfast

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