30 days of eating from home

Day eight

Today we broke with another tradition. Once every couple of months we head into the city for orthodontic visits. We have a standard route which takes us past the music shop, the Asian food shop (not much is available locally) and to our favourite sushi monger. Doing the trip without the sushi was going to be a hardship, so 9pm last night found me making sushi rice and this morning I was up and turning it into kitsune zushi this morning. We love this sushi in fried tofu. It’s sweet and soy and delicious. With all that travel plus a lot of running around with children after school. dinner was leftover soup and rolls from last night, and the planned lamb tarts were pushed back to tomorrow. The weather here is wild and wooly tonight so the soup just fit the bill.

I had just a little space in my day which I spent finishing off the crackers. They should last us a couple of weeks (I hope). I also have tried making yoghurt as Mr Gorgeous (who is a creature of habit) has nearly run out of yoghurt for his breakfast. I also needed to buy him some soy milk today, so another $5.97 has been spent.


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