30 days of eating from home

Thank you lettuce fairy

I have been chuckling to myself and aloud all afternoon. A lettuce appeared at our door this afternoon. Thank you lettuce fairy, whoever you are. You have made my day. And we’ll enjoy the lettuce too!

I had run out of meat (just a shaving remained) so the kids got rice lunchboxes (pictured) instead of sandwiches today. Oh how they suffer. The corn, marinated eggplant, sugared tomatoes, kakai pumpkin pepitas, orange and lamb are home grown.

Tea is my favourite pumpkin soup. First I roast the pumpkin in the oven, then fry up some red curry paste and ginger in a big soup pot and make the soup in there. Coconut milk and lime juice finish it off and it’s sooo good.

The cracker bikkies are working well, although it took me a couple of goes to get the cooking time right. The first batch were undercooked and I had to put them back in for a bit longer. I’ll put up some photos tomorrow when I finish them.


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