30 days of eating from home

Day 6

Hurry up lettuces!

May is a quiet month for harvesting in the garden. The summer crops are all in, and the winter crops are up, but not yet fruiting. Soon we’ll have lots, but not soon enough to help us in our 30 day challenge. I’ve been out and taken stock. We have a few carrots, a couple of beets, a few leeks and ….kale.

I was painting walls all day today, so tea was slow cooked Moroccan lamb. The recipe had me fry some pine nuts and currants for garnish, and they were BRILLIANT. I’ll be doing that again. Maybe even with pine nuts, which went missing at the critical moment, and are yet to be found. I know they were here when my Missy Moo(daughter) and I did the menu planning earlier in the week. Hopefully they will be back before Friday’s meal which will also need them. Tonight’s substitution was hazelnuts. They worked fine.

Mr Gorgeous and Missy Moo are working on a theory that if lollies are mostly sugar… and sugar is one of the staples allowed….you get the picture!


2 thoughts on “Day 6

  1. Jess and I are enjoying your adventure Donna. Jess has set our menu for the week using what is in our fridge and freezer (mostly) though not as thorough as you are. We are trying to empty the freezer before we go away.

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