30 days of eating from home


Mr Gorgeous and the aunty collector have a secret life! This morning over a discussion (all concerned on my part) about how Mr Gorgeous was faring with his lunches at work, he was turned in by master 9 who casually stated that his Dad was fine because he’d had McDonalds. McDonalds! “But I held off having a coke at the local hardware shop, I only had Solo” was Mr G’s defence.

“You have to excuse me, I’m easing into it” was Mr G’s final word on the matter, and it shall have to be honoured. It is my crazy scheme after all, and while the family cheerfully agreed, I suspect it was because they saw all adventure and not many chick peas in the 30 days!


2 thoughts on “Traitors!

  1. I am very impressed! What a great challenge. Are you going to put recipes on here as well? Some of the photos belong in a cookbook! I hope you are going to keep this up when the 30 day challenge finishes, I am sure there are other food challenges you will face?

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