30 days of eating from home

Day four


Firstly, the vegetables in the garden survived. The light of day revealed that there was no harm done by last night’s naughty sheep.

Lettuce has been a major topic of conversation around here the last few days. We started our challenge with none, and it has been a part of the kids’ ham, lettuce, mayo sandwiches for as long as they’ve been at school. So today it was ham, grated carrot, mayo and apologies from Mum.  2 out of 3 children, however, came home with a new favourite sandwich, so  yay for a 5kg bag of carrots, courtesy of my aforementioned tendency to buy bulk.

Tea was quiche with zucchini, kakai pumkin and sundried tomatoes from the freezer (formerly from the garden) and salad of carrot and kale, which I suspect may feature often on these pages! I made a couple of loaves of bread, and the day passed without food crisis. Some apples that were well past their prime were made into apple cake, and that should keep the lunchboxes ticking over for a few days.




One thought on “Day four

  1. yay for bulk!

    Our veggie garden looks promising this year – I’ve used our own homegrown, certain leafy vegetable in my breakfast (smoothie) and lunch over the last few days. It’s a nice feeling!


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