30 days of eating from home

Day three

The sheep got into the veggie patch!!! This may be a disaster. I say may because it was actually dark when we discovered them. They were in the beans, but they were just a few straggling borlotti beans drying so no major harm done there. We can’t find any other major damage by torchlight, so morning will tell the full tale. I need to see how much fun they had in the fruit trees on the way up to the veggies.

On the food front, we forewent a long standing family tradition of chicken and chips for Sunday lunch, as they would definitely class as buying food.  Instead we made focaccia (the breadmaker did the hard work while we were at church) and enjoyed it with dukkah, olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Tea was a very staid tinned soup and toast.

Most importantly though, we have had to shop for milk. We would possibly have enough for tomorrow breakfast, and I’m using powdered milk for all my cooking, but there was no avoiding the fact that we were running out. So we have now officially spent $5. This prompted a list of what would be considered core ingredients that we would have to buy should we run out. A few staples like milk, flour, rice and butter made the list, as well as fresh fruit, although we’re fine for all those at the moment.( I’m a bit of a bulk buyer) The other rule we imposed on ourselves is that we have to run out of ALL rice before we buy any more. I can’t run out of the exact rice/ flour/fruit that I wanted and call that a crisis.

So, with a menu all planned for the week, I’m set to go.


5 thoughts on “Day three

  1. This sounds like a great challenge Donna! I’m sure you will manage surprisingly well as you are creative and also a great cook! (Let me know if I can send you something. A gift doesn’t count as shopping, does it?)

  2. Someone needs to make a sign for the vegie patch: Trespassers wil be eaten!
    We don’t have much in our garden by way of food, but we do have an orange tree that is covered in fruit at the moment. We have been eating all things orange, inspired by you not to waste what food we do have. Love you x

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