30 days of eating from home

Day two:

I feel like I’m living in a scene from Little House on the Prairie. The one where they’re worried they won’t have enough wheat to see out the winter. Husband Mr Gorgeous is threatening to write SOS notes on the blog, begging for food. (He who managed to come home from hockey with box of fundraising chocolates, swearing that there were only 48 in the box when he got it, and a can of coke) The full trauma of his experience was not being able to have ham as well as zucchini pickles in his toasted cheese sandwich. The problem is that I need meat for Monday’s sandwiches, and if we use it all today….Truly, the sandwiches were yummy already.

We had lovely friends tonight for dinner and amongst friendly banter (should they save their pumpkin skins for our lunch tomorrow, could they please bring a lettuce next time they come etc) we enjoyed a lamb roast. The lamb, potatoes, pumpkin and greens all came from the garden. We aren’t suffering too badly!!

We made sago plum pudding for dessert, and despite a hiccup with the slow cooker (it wasn’t on for much of the cooking time) it tasted great, although there is something to be said for waiting until the sago isn’t crunchy.

The big high of the day though has been the kale. We have nothing green in the fridge, so I had to look to the garden. Said kale has been growing there uneaten for about 3 months, but it looked so dark green and nasty that I haven’t eaten it yet. Today I got brave, and it’s DELICIOUS! Nutty and sweet, not like spinach at all, and nothing like I expected. Yay for this challenge.






One thought on “Day two:

  1. We are the friends who came for dinner. It was a fanatstic meal but we are very glad we came on day two of the challenge!!! Just joking. Your well stocked freezer and pantry is like stepping into a small supermarket so I think you’ll be eating well for at least two weeks.
    We are excited to see how you go.

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