30 days of eating from home

Day one

Day one

Today was probably a good look at what’s to come and also a window into my personality. We have mountains of pumpkins at the moment, so I thought a  roasted pumpkin and dried tomato risotto would be great.  I have dried tomatoes and chicken stock in the freezer. What I should have checked was whether we had arborio rice. So the final meal was a mix of arborio, calrose and even a sprinkling of brown rice. Parmesan would have been a good thing to check too (we had none), but the freezer turned up some basil pesto from the summer garden which parmesan in it, so all in all it tasted good.

That still leaves the question – “What kind of crazy woman thinks she’ll cook risotto when she doesn’t have parmesan or arborio rice? So, I’ll aim for a more organised approach tomorrow!


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